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Infraction System

At this oekaki, we have what we call infractions. They are 'warnings' which are given out by the admins if rules are broken. However, they can also be reversed under and admin's discretion. You can have a total of 8 infractions before a ban will result. If the committed offensive is severe, however, a ban may result straight away without any infractions.

If you have any queries, or are unsure of any of the rules, please contact Pinkie.

General Rules

Time Limits:

  • Normal: 20 minutes
  • Colourin: 15 minutes
  • Scribble: No time limit
  • Leaugue: 10 minutes

Undertimed pictures or pictures that look undertimed they will be WIPped on the spot.

[What's a WIP? How do I use them?]

Attitude to others:

We aim to create a fun and friendly community for everybody. Thus, we encourage all members to be sensitive towards each other and their feelings, and to be inclusive of everyone on the whole as a community. We expect you to be mature towards others, and to let an admin know if any problems arise which may need intervention.

** GOLDEN RULE **: treat other members as you would like to be treated.

In more detail:
  • No pictures directed at any particular member (on site or off site)
  • No rude or offensive comments directed at other members (on site or off site). What constitutes 'rude' or 'offensive' is under the discretion of the admin team.
  • Rants about a specific person who may use or view the boards is not allowed. No identifiable information is to be included.
  • No swearing at other members.

Subject Matter / Copyright

This oekaki is suitable for all ages, and this is reflected in the rules. Everyone should be aware of this and take this into account in both comments and pictures posted. There may be some images which are suited to an older audience, however. This is why the 'adult' setting in your profile is automatically set to block such images. If you do not feel you should view these images, then you can make the informed choice of not viewing images set under the 'adult' flag.
  • Pornography or adult content is strictly prohibited
  • Racist or offensive pictures or comments are strictly prohibited
  • Artistic nudity is allowed; it is a natural expression of human anatomy and should be allowed a place on artistic websites like these. This include full body nudes, in a non sexualised manner. If you are unsure if your image can be posted, WIP the image and contact an admin.
    • Such images must be 'adulted' and include a comment to explain why this is the case (e.g. "Adulted for artistic nudity" or "Adulted for partial/full nudity").
  • Blood is allowed
    • A small scratch with minor blood does not need to be adulted. Anything more than this must be 'adulted' and include a comment to explain why this is the case (e.g. "Adulted for blood")
  • No copyrighted images or images not made by you may be uploaded "Found on Google" is not giving credit to the original artist
    • Exception 1: you may upload permission for images where explicit written permission has been sought and you have satisfied the original artist's requests in upload the image
    • Exception 2: For use on the Pokemon League and Scribble Board only, official Pokemon art can be included (ie that appearing on Pokemon cards, the anime etc) without any disclaimers. You cannot, however, claim or imply that the official artwork is your own. The footer of the oekaki covers such images.

Profanity (Swearing)
Swearing is allowed, but not excessively, and only if it is censored, this is to include both comments and pictures. The censor must be effective. In other words, you must substitute more than one letter in the word. Of course, swearing at other members is strictly prohibited.


Safety Saves
Safety saves are allowed to be posted, as long as:

  • The safety save is above the time limit
  • The preliminary sketch has been completed
  • For constructive criticism, head to the scribble board

No SPAM. Things that are included as SPAM:

  • Blank canvases
  • Intentionally stretching the page
  • Overusing the smilies (for example, using more than 3 in a row)
  • Useless comments
  • This list is not exhaustive and what is considered "SPAM" may be decided by the admin team

Admin requests
It is discouraged for anyone to ask for archives (excluding safety archives) or to become administrators.

Feel free, however to ask for you image to be bumped, i.e. the action of post the image and its comments to the front page, as if it were a new image. The image much be at least on the second page, and may only be bumped if the image was completed after it has been posted and was pushed off the page before it was completed.

Last Updated

11th May 2012

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