What's a WIP? How do I use them?

WIP is the abbreviation of 'Work In Progress'.

Also known as 'saftey saves'. This hides your image away from the main page; no one can see it. However, it enables you to continue to edit the image and make further modifications without it getting lost from the system by clicking on 'Recover Pics' from the menu. Once you're done, it can be posted to the main page as normal.

You can only have one WIP per board, and they expire after a maximum of 30-60 days, depending on the board.

To set your image as a WIP, when submitting your image from the drawing applet for the first time there is an option to set your image to 'saftey save'.

After submitting your image, you can o-mail an admin if you wish an image to be WIPped.